Breast augmentation is one of Australia’s leading cosmetic surgeries, helping thousands of women each year to enhance their physical appearance with the results they desire. From boosting your cleavage to helping your clothing have a better fit, breast implants can make a huge and positive difference in your life. As you begin to consider breast surgery, you may be wondering what size implants you should choose. There are a few factors to examine when making this decision:

Your Frame & Body Size

Probably the most crucial factor to consider when choosing the size of your breast implants is your body size. There is no one-size-fits-all implant. Are you a small-boned, and petite woman? A taller female with broad shoulders and a long torso? These are just two examples of vastly different body shapes that will benefit from different implant sizes. Together with your cosmetic surgeon, you should discuss an appropriate size that will suit your physical frame. Most women seek breast implants that appear natural, which means that frame-enhancing implants in proportion to your body will be the right choice. Overly large implants have the tendency to look more artificial, or to put your physical appearance out of balance.

The Look You Want to Achieve

A second consideration is the results you want. For a lot of women, the ultimate goal is to look stunning in a swimsuit or clothing, will full round breasts that look great, but still have a natural appearance. However, some women will want their breasts even a bit larger. Perhaps you’re bold and looking to make a statement, or you have a specific look you are determined to achieve. There are some disadvantages to going too large, however, which we’ll discuss in the next section. It is also important to keep in mind the physical limitations of large breasts. If you’re highly active in sports or exercise, a larger chest can prove a challenge or even a burden.

The Future of Your Breasts

Finally, you should consider the long term. Most plastic surgeons agree that moderately-sized, well-proportioned breasts that complement the woman’s natural body type are the best option for the long term. Overlarge implants have a far greater tendency to sag and flatten as time and gravity takes its toll. The impact on the patient’s skin is also a consideration, as too little skin can be uncomfortable and unable to accommodate a larger breast size. Over time, skin will also stretch and age, no matter one’s breast size. You can discuss the pros and cons of specific implant sizing with your surgeon, who will help you select the ideal size for you.

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