Tuckshop lady arms. It’s an expression you may be familiar with, that refers to excess skin which drapes or hangs from the upper arms. The loose, “flappy” skin is not an uncommon issue. Many women experience this following a significant weight loss, or even during the aging process. Unfortunately, gravity does make its presence known on our bodies!

Fortunately, there are ways to combat the problem of tuckshop lady arms, sometimes known also as “bat wings” or “bingo wings.” For some women, exercise, especially strength training, can be somewhat beneficial, but often this is not as effective as one would like. For women who want to say a full and firm goodbye to tuckshop lady arms, cosmetic surgery can help.

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

The cosmetic procedure which targets tuckshop lady arms is arm lift surgery, officially known as brachioplasty. Arm lift surgery does exactly what it sounds like, lifting the skin of the upper arm/removing excess skin and reducing pockets of fat in the area. Sometimes, depending on the type of brachioplasty performed, liposuction is employed at the same time.

Arm lift surgery can be extensive, involving the entire upper arm from elbow to armpit, or sometimes including parts of the lateral chest. This is most common in patients who have undergone extreme weight loss. More minimal brachioplasty is also an option, involving a smaller surface area such as an excision in the armpit only.

Brachioplasty takes a few hours to complete, and has a recovery period of approximately 1-2 weeks. There is often some scarring from the incision made, but your surgeon can advise on ways to reduce the scarring, including effective placement of the incision. This is a popular cosmetic procedure and there are many accomplished providers in the area who offer it.

Is Arm Lift Surgery Right for Me?

Cosmetic surgery is right for many people, providing patients with increased confidence, a greater desire to be active, and a better quality of life. Could brachioplasty be right for you? Perhaps.

If you feel embarrassed about excess skin on your upper arms, hesitate to wear sleeveless clothing, or avoid activities due to your arms, you may want to consider arm lift surgery. If “tuckshop lady arms” prevent you from living your life to the fullest, you may want to investigate this option further.

Brachioplasty is a common cosmetic surgery that has helped many regain their lost confidence and sense of self-esteem. You deserve to feel better and happier in your own skin. An arm lift surgery might be the answer for you.

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