Cosmetic surgery is more accessible than ever before. While some recent statistics indicate a decline in the number of Australians seeking specific types of surgery based on enquiries, other reports put the industry in rude health. SBS reported in 2016 that an estimated $1billion is spent on cosmetic surgery annually by Australians.
On top of this, we continue to see growing numbers of customers coming to us, applying for finance to fund the procedures they’re interested in.

What’s Changed?

Why is it that cosmetic surgery is more accessible than ever?
To paint a full picture, we need to look at the context in which cosmetic surgery has been viewed in the past.
For many years, cosmetic surgery was very much viewed as the domain of the rich and famous. Initially, the average Australian probably wouldn’t have ever thought about undergoing a procedure. They’d see a movie star or another notable celebrity on the television or in a glossy magazine, but they’d be having cosmetic surgery because they were famous and because they could.

When regular Australians would take an interest, they’d quickly be put off by the cost. Seeing figures of tens of thousands of dollars being mentioned as the cost of surgery firmly entrenched the view that it was inaccessible and only for the fortunate few who could afford it.

What Happened Next?

In recent years, there have been a number of developments in cosmetic surgery and in connected industries that have made cosmetic treatments much more accessible.

The Costs of Many Treatments Have Reduced

The cost of many types of cosmetic surgery and treatments have tumbled dramatically in recent years. As many Australians began to look more enviously at celebrities and wanted to achieve a certain look, some would then begin to save, or look at getting a loan to cover the costs of their procedure.

As cosmetic treatments started to become more popular, more clinics opened, offering a wide range of procedures, and the more they started to compete, the more the price came down.

For a few hundred dollars, Australians can now go to a clinic on their lunch break for lip fillers or botox treatment. For many, this amount is budgeted for relatively easily within their disposable income, making these and similar treatments easily accessible.

Cosmetic Surgery Became More Socially Acceptable

Although there is still some stigma attached to cosmetic surgery, it is far more socially acceptable today than it has been previously. It might even be unfair to say it was ever seen as unacceptable. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say Australians just wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about it, or would feel self-aware about undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure.

Today, there are several excellent online forums where Australians can go to get advice from others who have undergone surgery, while many of us will work with people who have undergone a cosmetic procedure and are open and happy to discuss it.

Sitting around the dinner table and mentioning you’re considering cosmetic surgery to your friends and family isn’t the big deal it once was.

Everyday Australians Can Access More Expensive Treatments, Too

It isn’t just botox and other treatments at the low price end of the market that are accessible to everyday Australians. At ACA Loans we offer a range of medical loan options to help you secure finance for whatever procedure you’re considering. While you may have sufficient savings to cover the costs of a specific treatment, we understand that many Australians wish to spread the cost over a period of years rather than pay out the lump sum all at once, and with a loan they can do that.

Australians enjoy a double benefit here, as they can borrow to cover their treatment costs while the price of many treatments continues to drop as medical knowledge and technology continues to improve.

If You’re Considering Surgery, Get in Touch!

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