Abdominoplasty, often more commonly known as a “tummy tuck” is a surgery that focuses on excess fat in the abdominal area. Through excessive weight loss, physical changes from pregnancy, or even with age, many individuals find that they have excess deposits of fat in their abdominal region. This may appear in the form of a protruding stomach or “pooch,” or may be laterally placed, as in the case of “love handles.” The stubborn fat and sagging, excess skin cause distress for these individuals, and often, despite significant weight loss, these specific areas refuse to shape up. For patients such as these, abdominoplasty can be the way forward.

The Basics

A tummy tuck is a significant surgery that may take 3-4 hours to complete and may require a hospital stay of several days. Recovery is a medium-term process. While most patients can return to work and everyday activities within approximately 2 weeks, it is advised to wait 1-2 months before taking part in any strenuous activity. A support garment is worn during the healing process to facilitate the new abdominal shape and ensure faster recovery.

How it Works

Abdominoplasty is performed under anaesthesia. Incisions are needed to access the area, and these are generally made from hip to hip below the bikini/undergarment line. The full abdominoplasty (the most common) involves the removal of excess fat deposits, typically with the aid of liposuction surrounding the lower abdominal area as well as the lower back and rib cage area to provide better contouring. A mini abdominoplasty is sometimes useful for those who wish to improve only a small portion of their lower abdominal area below the belly button. This procedure will require a smaller incision. An extended abdominoplasty extends the focus area to include the “love handles” area.

In all types of abdominoplasty, the surgeon may address the muscles and fascia beneath the surface. Tightening of these structures (generally through stitches) will help strengthen and tone this musculature. If there are any separated abdominal muscles, they will be repaired during the surgery. Your navel area will also be realigned if necessary.

The Cost

A full abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery is typically quite costly, but the exact cost will depend on the extent of the surgical needs. Sometimes, abdominoplasty is considered to be a medically necessary procedure. In this circumstance, you may have the assistance of insurance to cover your surgical costs. Yet, even if your abdominoplasty is entirely elective, there are options for funding this procedure.

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